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Welcome to the Music of Dul-C-Daze

Dul-C-Daze, Joyce and Shari, have been entertaining audiences since 1997.  They take their special blend of Hammered Dulcimer and Guitar, plus occasionally a banjo and mountain dulcimer to create a variety of music for audiences at house concerts, receptions, open houses, and festivals.  

The Hammered Dulcimer is a trapezoid-shaped instrument played by striking the strings with small wooden 'hammers'.  This instrument is considered to be the forerunner of the piano, dating back to Biblical times.  It lends itself to many musical styles; from rowdy fiddle tunes to Irish jigs and reels to lovely waltzes and airs.

Joyce has been playing, teaching and performing on the Hammered Dulcimer for the past eleven years.  She loves her instrument and the music it provides.  Her goal is to be a part of keeping traditional music alive in America by helping others learn to play and by playing for the enjoyment of her audiences.


The acoustic guitar is another traditional instrument with roots going back to Europe, being popular in the Appalachia area, and of course today in folk, country and traditional music.  This wonderful instrument adds depth to the music with rhythm and chordal back-up with an occasional melody. 

Shari became interested in the guitar as a young Girl Scout when she heard it being played around a campfire.  The fascination of being able to play and sing with any group of people in any atmosphere became her goal, and she does it beautifully.  Shari has been playing and singing for the past 30+ years.  She enjoys playing many different kinds of music and taking it to the people.  You will see her doing just that as 'Jam Master' at dulcimer festivals around the Midwest.



Many years ago after leaving the Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival at Glen Rose, Texas, music was running through Joyce's brain. 

As we took the southern route home through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, Joyce was firmly ensconced with her computer on her lap and the MusicTime Deluxe Software program working on a tune. 

By the time we reached Chattanooga,  The Texalousasippibama Rag  was born.  

 Have fun!   

Print out the tune as a PDF. 



Chord Chart for the I, IV, and V chords in the Key of D

 The file includes the basic chords in D

  •  where they are positioned on the hammered dulcimer

  • embellished versions for the intermediate player

    Joyce uses this chord chart with beginners and with intermediate players ready for chord embellishing.  

    Click here to print the pdf file of this chart. 

    You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can download the Reader at Adobe's site.  www.adobe.com 



Dul-C-Daze (Joyce and Shari) opens for Bill Staines ...  May, 2004

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